Limelight 3G

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Limelight 3G is finally here. It features the following:

  • A wider FOV at 80 x 56 degrees
  • An OV9281 sensor with 120FPS capture at 1280x800, and 240 fps capture at 640x480
  • An Anodized, CNC-Machined, Laser-etched, and FANLESS enclosure. This is the best-looking and best-feeling LImelight yet.
  • Threaded M3 Mount holes in addition to the standard LL3 mount holes
  • Fewer internal parts and assembly steps. The best part is no part.
  • Vastly improved performance in low-light conditions
  • Greater AprilTag corner stability
  • Accurate pose estimates while in motion
  • And a few upcoming software upgrades that will take us one step closer to calling localization a solved problem in FRC.

LL3G does not support google coral, and it does not support USB cameras