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Flashing issues with the 2+? Download the newest version of Etcher from the downloads page.

Having connection issues in 2019? Try this and let us know if it helps!

1. Go to add/remove programs in windows, and search for "bonjour"
2. How many items are there?
If there are two items with "bonjour" in their name, uninstall "bonjour print services"
If there are no items with "bonjour" in their name, install bonjour from our Downloads page.
3. Reboot your robot and computer and try again.
4. If the above steps do not fix the problem, install Angry IP scanner and find the address for your limelight.
5. Go to <limelightaddress>:5801, and give your limelight a .11 static IP.
6. From this point onward, you can rely on the static IP to access the page.

W9: Link