Limelight 2+

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Additional inventory will be added to this website mid December 2022! Inventory is still available at AndyMark:


The next generation of Limelight hardware will be announced early/mid December and will begin shipping during the first week of kickoff. Because new hardware is coming soon, we are reducing the price of LL2+ to $349. This reduced price should help teams who are already invested in 2+ and want a backup unit or two for 2023. LL2+ will continue to receive first-class software and hardware support for the foreseeable future.

Limelight makes reliable FRC vision accessible to all teams, regardless of programming ability and time constraints. Vision has never been easier.

Limelight 2+ takes the Einstein-proven Limelight 2 and perfects it. Its internals have been redesigned to:
- Reduce power consumption by up to 50%
- Eliminate the LED "warm-up" period.
- Further improve low voltage performance, dropping the brownout voltage to 4V.
- Reduce the operating temperature by 20C
- Enable LED dimming.
- Increase max LED brightness by 15%