See the documentation for more details and options. 


Use four 10-32 screws of 1 1/4" length and four nylock nuts to mount your limelight.


Run two wires from your Limelight to a slot on your PDP, and add a 5A breaker. Finally, run an ethernet cable from your Limelight to your radio. That's it!

Limelight also supports 12V PoE! See the docs for more information


    Give your limelight and a team number and (optionally) a static IP address through its web interface at http://limelight.local:5801


    See more language examples in the docs.


    NetworkTable table = NetworkTable.getTable("limelight");
    double targetOffsetAngle_Horizontal = table.getNumber("tx", 0);
    double targetOffsetAngle_Vertical = table.getNumber("ty", 0);
    double targetArea = table.getNumber("ta", 0);
    double targetSkew = table.getNumber("ts", 0);


    Drag the above image into LabView to generate code for Limelight!


    Start Tuning!

    Limelight might work without any tuning, but tuning is as easy as dragging sliders.

    For more detailed information, tuning, and calibration, view the official documentation.